"This could well be the sound of the birth pains of a true superstar" - Kerrang

Reviews of debut album, Sky Diving Penguins


Sky Diving Penguins: Gia's Georgian revelation

Quote: With no disrespect to anyone past present or indeed future, Gia Iashvili, the genius behind Sky Diving Penguins, has unequivocally presented us with the album of the year. Perhaps even one of the greatest debut albums of the past decade. 

Louder Than War

Sky Diving Penguins - album review

Quote: We may have been waiting for Sky Diving Penguin’s debut for 20 years but it’s worth the wait. Released a little to late to make it into the end of years ‘best albums’ lists, it would thoroughly deserve a place at the table.

Eclectic Music Lover

Sky Diving Penguins - album review

Quote: Sky Diving Penguins is marvelous, and such a delightful listen that made it a joy to review. Gia Iashvili and company have crafted a really brilliant album, and I for one am happy he came out of exile and gifted us with his wonderful music.

Poprock Record

Sky Diving Penguins - album review

Quote: Altogether Sky Diving Penguins really delivers on the early promise of this band and then some.

Colours Through The Air

Sky Diving Penguins - album review

Quote: A magnificent debut, full of wonderfully written songs with so much depth. Highly recommended.

Here Comes The Flood Blog

Sky Diving Penguins - album review

Quote: ...he has created an album that will be on repeat for hours on end.

The Rebirth Of Cool Blog

Wake up! It’s the Sky Diving Penguins. Album review

Quote: And this is the albums masterstroke – each song is perfectly chosen to give you the feel for all your favourite artists, but does something new with it.

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